Improving Bid Books and “Request for Proposal” (RFP)

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Improving Bid Books and “Request for Proposal” (RFP)

ICCA is frequently told by international association meeting planners and other executives that they wish they could easily exchange ideas and information with one another, especially in the area of simple, practical hints and advice for improving their events.

In our experience one of the areas where there is an enormous amount of variation between associations is in how they produce their bid books or RFP’s, the documents which invite formal bids for future events, and which set out the rules and regulations for the bidding process.  Later this year ICCA is planning to produce a clear set of guidelines for producing “the perfect bid book”, so that bidders and meetings industry suppliers can clearly understand an association’s objectives and processes.  For this edition of “ICCA Intelligence”, we thought you would find it useful to see a range of existing RFP’s that are published online by your association peers, so you can compare your own approach:

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